Czech Studio Orchestra

Czech Studio Orchestra is a highly experienced and flexible ensemble specialising in studio recordings.  Based at a state-of-the-art facility, Czech TV Music Studio in Prague, it is particularly well suited to recording film, TV, commercial, pop and game projects as well as classical recordings for CD, commercial release and media distribution.

Clients include:


  • The Great Country

    from "Great Australian Railway Journeys" [BBC].
    Music by Jon Wygens

  • Stolen Lands

    from "Great Australian Railway Journeys"[BBC]
    Music by Jon Wygens

  • American Pastoral

    from Great Australian Railway Journeys [BBC]
    Music by Jon Wygens

  • New Lands

    from "Great Australian Railway Journeys" [BBC] Music by Jon Wygens

  • Open Skies

    from "Great Australian Railway Journeys" [BBC] Music by Jon Wygens


Czech TV Music Studio (Prague)

Czech TV Music Studio is the home of the Czech Studio Orchestra.  The studio can accommodate up to 55 musicians and is perfectly suited to producing broadcast-standard recordings for media and classical use.

Studio specifications

U 87 / 11x
U 87i / 2x
TLM 170 / 4x
AKG 535 / 2x
AKG 451 / 3x
AKG 460 / 4x
AKG D112 / 1x
Sennheiser MD 21U / 6x
Sennheiser E 901 / 1x
Sennheiser E 902 / 1x
Sennheiser E 904 / 6x
Sennheiser E 905 / 2x
Sennheiser E 906 /2x
DPA 4006A Omni / 8x
DPA 4011A Cardioid / 2x

Additional microphones (advance reservation required):
U 87i / 7x
AKG 535 / 7x
AKG 451 / 3x
AKG D112 / 6x
AKG 480 / 4x
Sennheiser E 608 / 5x
Sennheiser E 604 / 5x

Other equipment:
Studio Mac with Pro Tools 10 HD 3
3x 192 I/O – audio interfaces 192 kHz/24bit
1x 192D I/O – audio interfaces 96 kHz/24bit
SYNC I/O – versatile synchronization device
Studer Vista 7
wireless headphones SENNHEISER 140 / 48x
wired headphones

Website: Czech TV Music Studio A